Elevate your radio station with a fully-customizable, revenue-generating mobile app.

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Expand Your Audience

Expand your audience, engage more listeners with a comprehensive mobile app. Gain valuable insights with our advanced reporting features.

Get Higher Engagement

Enhance audience engagement with tools such as push notifications, audio shoutouts, song requests and more.

More Revenue

Maximize revenue potential with high-quality visual ads paying $6-10 CPM, or create effective, measurable ad campaigns for local advertisers.

How it works

Creating a customized mobile app for your radio station has never been easier. Our platform provides you with the most powerful tools to engage, grow and monetize your audience.

  • Easily build and customize your own mobile app for your radio station or Podcast
  • We handle the submission process to both Google Play and App Store
  • Provide your listeners with seamless access to your content at their fingertip

Highlighted Features

Our platform is not limited to just your live stream, it also covers your on-demand content, social media, and distribution channels- all in one convenient place for your audience

App Branding

Ensure consistency in your brand identity throughout your app by customizing it with your own colors, logo, graphics, and text.


Generate revenue from your mobile app through high-quality interstitial and native ads with Google Ads and Facebook Ads integration.

On Demand

Easily host and distribute your on-demand content such as podcast episodes, exclusive interviews, and show archives through your mobile app.


Gain valuable insights and track performance with our advanced reporting and custom charting, covering everything from app engagement to playlist performance and song trends

More Powerful Features

Push Notifications

Increase audience engagement by up to 80% with push messages."


Real-time playlist display with listener favorite tracking and auto-reminder feature.

Car Support

Keep your listeners safe with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto dashboard systems

Alarm Clock

Empower your listeners to wake up or fall asleep to your radio station with alarm and sleep timer feature.

Program Schedule

Conveniently show the weekly schedule in listeners' local time, and set auto-reminders for their favorite shows

Social Media

Easily connect and update your Facebook, Instagram, X, and YouTube feeds to your app for an all-in-one social media experience.

Website Widgets

"Enhance your website with a variety of widgets such as a web player, download buttons, playlist, and activity map and more.

Open Mic

Encourage listener participation and engagement by allowing them to send birthday wishes, trivia answers, traffic reports, kudos to hosts, and more, and easily download them as MP3/Text for inclusion in your program.

Listener Onboarding

Give your new listeners a tour. Automatic push messages trigger at the right time to show each new user the features of the app

Increase listeners and their engagement

Growth Tools

Integrate your Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube into your app, use listeners social share tools to increase downloads, use web widgets like web player, download buttons, activity map, and playlists to convert your website visits to app downloads

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Engagement Tools

Use the power of push notifications to engage listeners: connect with on-demand content, scheduled shows, favorite tracks, new user onboarding, shoutouts from hosts. Engage with your listeners through your open mic, song requests, quizzes, and more. Connect with your audience, listeners can initiate a text, email, and even calls to the station directly from the app

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Questions & Answers

You can customize your app in a few clicks or take your time and really make it your own. When you’re ready to launch our team will submit the app to the app stores under your own developer accounts. The review and approval process usually takes less than 10 days.

You can start earning money with your app by integrating a Google Ads or Facebook Ads account. Display great-looking engaging ad content a key times during listener interaction in the app. You can also add in-app subscriptions for an ads-free experience, or to access premium content in the app.

Want more than daily Downloads, Sessions, and Minutes? Dig deeper with the Pro Plan to analyze your listeners likes and dislikes for each track your program. Find out what tunes they’re turning up and what tunes are turning them off. Make data-driven decisions about your programming with the powerful playlist analysis, custom charts and more.

Yes, to launch your app you will need a developer account for each of the platforms you want to launch the app on. You’ll grant our team access and we will take care of the whole submission process for you.

Please check out our pricing page before you decide which plan suits your station best. You are responsible for any costs associated with the setup and maintenance of your developer accounts.

Of course! If you have a feature or customization you want to add that isn’t included in our listed plans get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss.

Contact cait@nobexinc.com to get a quote.

Nobex Partners apps support MPEG, AAC, WMA formats on both HTTP and HTTPS.

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