How Sharing Your Program Schedule Helps

It can take time and effort to setup a program schedule, not just deciding what shows and when, but coming up with descriptions, and graphics to promote them. But let’s have a look at why it’s worth all the energy.


If a new listener tunes in and enjoys what they’re listening to, they may want to look at what else you have to offer and extend their listening time. Having an engaging looking Program Schedule with just the right information to pique their interest is an excellent tool to encourage listeners to dig deeper into your available programming.

Nobex Partners’ apps also customize the program schedule to each listeners own timezone, so they always know when a show will play where they are.

Audience Building

Have a new show? Or one you’d like to boost the audience for? You have the option in your Program Schedule to send an automatic push notification to all app users just before the start of a show. Add a quick message to notify all your listeners when a new show is about to start. Encourage listeners to discover this new program and make it one of their Favorites.


Have a show that already has a great following? Turn on your show reminders for users who have marked that show as a Favorite. The app will automatically notify them with a push notification the next time the show comes around on the schedule, re-engaging your listeners with their favorite content if a great user experience for them, and a great audience builder for you.

Ready to Get Started?

Check out our guide to setting up your Program Schedule and make it live on your app today.

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