Get Ready for Dark Mode

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Dark Mode to Nobex Partners custom apps!

Starting in May 2022 iOS and Android apps will have Dark Mode enabled and your listeners will be able to choose their display mode light or dark.

Nobex Partners dark mode in custom mobile apps

Dark Mode will launch with iOS version 4.12.0 and higher and Android version 5.5.0 and higher.


Phil Dorsey April 26, 2022

Hi Cait,

Thanks for this update, should all users delete and install a new version? Or will this happen auto-magically?

Phil D

Cait Watson Author May 31, 2022

Hi Phil,

All users who install the update will have access to Dark Mode. It will depend on their device settings if they get the update “auto-magically” () or have to opt-in to the update based on their app store preferences.



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