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Meet 95.7 FM That Station

Based in Raleigh, NC, 95.7 FM That Station market themselves as a “local app based station”. They put their focus on the app experience as part of their listeners’ complete station experience, in particular using the Shoutout feature to make listeners part of the show. Check out a chat we had with them a year after their launch:

Q: When was the station conceived (you have done a whole lot in a single year…)

A: The station launched May 1st 2018

Q: What program is your most popular?

A: Adult album alternative format/ Americana – Features local voices, local businesses, local performers. 

Q: If you were terrestrial only, how much audience could you reach?

A: The signal is limited, so much less. Rather than smoke and mirrors, we’re open about saying “Get the app so you can hear us.” (WCLY is 1,000 Watts day, 8 watts night)

Q: With the availability of the app, how many more users have you been able to reach?

A: Thousands of downloads within a single year. 

Q: We know you have used the Shoutout feature in lieu of a phone line. What’s the best Shoutout message you received? 

A: Mostly people talking about their love for the stations and what we’re doing. Just relaunched this week. Our goal is to guide the audience in what we want them to talk about. “This week on the Shoutout, we want to hear about the best show you ever heard in Raleigh Durham”. “Tell us your Favourite McCarntey story” 

95.7FM That Station has a loyal following for their station and high engagement in the app with thousands of downloads. One app reviewer writes:

“I don’t think I’ve ever given a review of an app ever before, but this one is worth it. I loved listening to That Station on the radio, but once I downloaded the app and synced it to my car, it was even better. I love being able to help contribute to what we’re listening to, and it always seems to be something new and exciting, even if it’s a band you know or a song you’ve heard before.”

Review from Google Play


When you launch your app, don’t treat it like another one-to-many channel to be switched on and off. Your app gives your station a complete suit of features to encourage your listeners to get involved:

  • Shoutouts can be used in all sorts of creative ways, from sharing a favorite memory about a concert, to user-generated traffic updates
  • On Demand content keeps your listeners engaged with past interviews or favorite segments, content they missed from your live stream
  • Social media feeds automatically update in your app so your content is always fresh
  • Push Notifications can remind your listeners to tune in to shows on time or alert them when their favorite track is playing right now
  • Song requests are easy with our templated forms and simple to setup on the app’s homepage or even on your station’s website
  • Listeners can share their feedback about your playlist by giving each track a thumbs up/down. Make data-driven decisions about music programming based on what your listeners are doing in the app.

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