Check Out Our Brand-New Audio Stories Feature: A Game Changer for Your Custom Mobile App

Do you write blog posts for your radio website, share short-form texts with your listeners, or create scripts of your podcast episodes? With our new Audio Stories feature, you can now combine both text and audio, packaged neatly into a tile on your radio app homepage. This exciting addition allows you to deliver rich, engaging content that caters to both readers and listeners, making your app more versatile and interactive.

How Will Users Interact with Your Audio Stories?

When users tap on a specific tile, they will be redirected to your Audio Stories blog post, where they can read the text and listen to the provided audio simultaneously. This dual-format approach enhances the user experience by catering to different preferences, whether your audience prefers reading, listening, or both. It’s an innovative way to keep your listeners engaged with your content, providing a seamless blend of information and entertainment.

How to set it up?

Setting up your Audio Stories is simple and straightforward. We’ve prepared a YouTube video tutorial that walks you through the process step-by-step. From integrating text and audio to customizing the appearance of your tiles, our tutorial covers everything you need to know to get started. With clear instructions and practical tips, you’ll have your Audio Stories up and running in no time:


If you want to make your app more impactful and user-friendly, our new Audio Stories feature is the perfect addition. It allows you to provide news and entertainment content in a highly useful and engaging way, enhancing the overall experience for your users. Embrace this innovative feature to keep your audience connected, informed, and entertained with ease.

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